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Our name stretches back over 100 years and, in that time, it’s pretty fair to say we’ve become quite obsessive about the humble umbrella. We aren’t going to pretend we dream about rain and brollies when we all go to bed but we do think about them an awful lot and they’re a part of our chemistry. We believe umbrellas don’t just keep the world dry – they say something about who we are, how we feel and where we are going (in spite of the weather).

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From our headquarters in Hertfordshire, our design studio is full of a busy and vibrant team who are at the forefront of design trends and are leaders in innovation and technical expertise. Each design created in our fast moving in-house studio is made with a combination of style, trend led research and exceptional quality to suit brand specific requirements, for both our umbrellas and wellington boots.

The design team work in collaboration with some of the biggest fashion and household brands in both the UK and across the world to come up with innovative and new ideas for our beloved umbrellas and wellington boots! As a manufacturer and supplier, we invest a great deal of our time understanding trends and brands to develop creative and innovative new designs for your customers. That’s why you’ll see us at many of the major events in the fashion calendar and why our products have unique qualities that stand out in the market place.



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